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Pneumatic Clutches & Brakes

Som Pac® 1200 Series
Som Pac 1200

Pneumatic oil shear clutch/brake systems are completely assembled, multiple disc, foot mounted units that operate in a bath of automatic transmission fluid. Precise starting, stopping and indexing of machinery, conveyors, material handling equipment. 2 HP - 300 HP. Torque range of 20 Lb-ft - 150,000 Lb-ft.

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Press Pac® 1600 Series
Press Pac 1600

Integral press drive system with pneumatic clutch/brake mounted internal of the flywheel on the driveshaft. Pneumatic applied, oil cooled, multiple disc, combination clutch/brake for metalforming presses up to 4000 tons. Ideally suited for retrofit applications. Torque range of 5000 Lb-ft - 120,000 Lb-ft.

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Desch Lutex®
Desch Lutex

Pneumatic clutch/brake combination with a spring set disc brake for use on stamping presses, forging presses and metalforming presses. Low inertia, compact design, provides high thermal capacity. Ideal for high speed, high cyclic, heavy duty industrial applications. Torque range of 184 Lb-ft - 85,000 Lb-ft.

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Eaton Airflex®

Pneumatic clutches and brakes for a variety of heavy duty, industrial applications. Midwest Brake is a stocking distributor offering parts, new units, repair kits and service for all Eaton Airflex® products. Industries include mining, grinding, marine, paper, metalworking, oil field, can making, and converting.

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